This is a home demo recording from 1993. My idea of fun back then! Drums were programmed manually and all instruments other than the actual guitar were played by me via guitar synth.

Not fun how some of the issues talked about at the end of the tune are still just that.



The Bobby Broom Trio will be playing a special performance on Saturday, April 26th, 2014, at 2 pm, at the Audio Expo North America (AXPONA) audiophile convention. The performance will feature selections from their upcoming analogue recording, My Shining Hour.

The February 2014 project, spearheaded by International Phonograph, Inc. owner and producer, jazz DJ, Jazzophile and audiophile, Jonathan Horwich, was recorded:

  • Live to 1/4” audio tape;
  • In one room, with no headphones;
  • With no overdubbing;
  • Using one high-end, stereo room microphone for the purpose of natural ambience and individual spot mics on each instrument.

The performance will be FREE to the public.  Those wishing to also attend AXPONA can purchase tickets before 4/24  at a discount. Single tickets on early-purchase are $20 and two and three day event tickets are available. Single ticket purchase at the door is $25.00, with multiple-day tickets also slightly higher.

Information about the trade show  •  Tickets to attend the trade show




For Immediate Release:

International Jazz guitarist Bobby Broom will be performing at the Chicago Jazz Festival Sunday, August 31st. Time TBA.  Take advantage of the Spring fare sales and join Bobby and check out one of the world’s greatest Jazz festivals!

Mar 31 2014

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