“Throwback” – More on the Latest SoundCloud Archival Releases


At long last, I’ve decided to release these homemade demos that I’ve been holding onto for around 20 years. Over those years, I’ve revisited them from time to time and always enjoyed. At the time, I remember doing all I could to put the most into the music and get the most feeling from these demos. It’s not audiophile quality (I’ll make up for that on my new, 2014 recording), but they sound clear enough to hear that the music is all there.

This collection, which I’ve entitle “Throwback”, bridges the gap between my GRP Records, “Clean Sweep” days, and my career in straight-ahead and mainstream jazz. Actually, the release of ‘Clean Sweep’ happened as the result of a choice that I made in 1979 or 1980, foregoing an offer to play with Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers and instead touring with GRP trumpet artist, Tom Browne. Just after releasing ‘Clean Sweep’ in 1981, for the next decade I would be called to play with jazz masters and legends like Sonny Rollins, Kenny Burrell, Stanley Turrentine, Charles Earland and others. It was during these years (1984-1994) that my potential smooth-jazz career took a serious turn, while my ever-present attraction to and affinity for traditional jazz was sealed.

Occasionally I’ll meet people who only know me from those early GRP days and they always express what was their wonder about “whatever happened to… [that guy that was me]”. On “Throwback” I’m presenting eight of the songs that I was working on (and hoping to record in the studio for commercial release) throughout the 1990s—my sideman years in jazz that made me who I am.”


All these tracks were recorded to Fostex 1/4″, 8-track; Atari computer with Dr. T’s Keyboard Controlled Sequencer (KCS) software; Alesis HR-16 drum machine.

At the time, I was using Yamaha Guitars—the AE2000 and later the AES1500.

1. Jazzin’ (composed by Tim Reyes)

Tim Reyes, guitarist and ‘Clean Sweep’ composer, also composed three of the tunes in this collection. He was the Jimmy Webb to my Glen Campbell.

Broom: guitar, vocals, guitar-synth instruments/programming; Bob Franceschini: keyboards, drum programming

2. Little Girl (Broom, composer)

Broom: all guitar-synth instruments/drum programming

3. Moanin’ (Bobby Timmons, comp.)

Broom: all guitar-synth instruments/drum programming

4. Through Eyes of Faith (Broom, composer)

Broom: guitar, guitar-synth instruments/drum programming; Ron Perrillo: synth string pads

5. Bittersweet (Reyes, composer)

Broom: guitar, guitar-synth instruments/drum programming

6. Will She Call? (Reyes, composer; Broom, lyrics)

Broom: guitar, guitar-synth instruments/drums programming; Daryl Jones: bass

7. Water Dance (Broom, composer)

Broom: all guitar-synth instruments/drum programming

8. Father (Broom, composer)

Broom: all guitar-synth instruments/drum programming