The Trio Reaches 10.5K Viewers in First 24 Hours

Streaming Worldwide from Bobby’s Backyard for the BlueNote NYC @ Home Series, the BBT (with Bassist Dennis Carroll and drummer Neil Hemphill), played to an audience of thousands that would reach 10,000 in its first 24 hours of streaming broadcast. Among the viewers, several countries were represented as indicated by the live chat that accompanied the stream.
Bobby remembers that day, “Hours prior to the broadcast/performance I did my due diligence, conferring via phone, with personnel at the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York. They guided me in configuring everything to livestream over multiple platforms using my laptop and camera. I made sure not to touch anything that was verified as working and was prepared to just move the tripod and laptop out into the backyard just before we were ready to play. When we called to check in 30 minutes prior to playing we were told that they weren’t able to receive a signal! At that point I threw up my hands in defeat, thinking that the performance and broadcast was just not meant to be. Fortunately, my wife Maureen came to the rescue. She pulled up a chair in the middle of the yard and held her phone up to capture our set for Blue Note on Facebook Live. Honestly, I barely anticipated 1000 viewers and didn’t even focus on viewership at all until I thought about it later that evening and took a look. I think at that point we were at 8 or 9000. By the next day we reached 10.5 K. So beyond ironically, my largest audience ever happened from my own backyard!”